• About Us

    Aisin’s Corporate Philosophy revolves around two deep-rooted principles. The principles of “Highest Quality” and “Respect for Human Resources” are visible throughout our daily activities. These principles are accomplished by doing creative work by always keeping the 5C’s in mind. These 5C’s are:

    Contribution: Team Members and Management together contribute to the growth and success of their Company, which contributes to profit for shareholders and the economic well being of the community.

    Commitment: Aisin’s commitment to the success of its members is evident in the Company’s commitment to Team Member’s personal development. Team Member’s commitment in return enables the company achieve its goals.

    Consideration, Communication, and Cooperation: Cooperation of all Team Members comes out of consideration and communication and is the key for our success. By repeating this 5C’s process, our Company will continue its development and growth and can contribute to the local communities, to the state, and to the country.

    AEIL values their team members so it is important to meet their expectations as well as meet the expectations of our community by contributing to their economic well being and providing them with the best working conditions, as well as competitive pay and benefits.

    AEIL History

    Aisin Electronics Illinois, LLC (AEIL) is a subsidiary of Aisin Holdings of America Inc. Aisin Electronics Illinois, LLC is a company in the AISIN Group, which is composed of twenty-five (25) companies in North America. Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd., the AISIN Group’s parent Company, is one of the largest automotive component manufacturers in the world. Their product line deals not only in automotive components, but also ranges from home appliances to industrial machinery. The home office is located in Kariya City, Japan, about 20 miles southeast of Nagoya.

    Aisin Holdings of America Inc. manages the United States subsidiaries, including the control of operations, sales and finance. Companies falling under this umbrella include Aisin Electronics Illinois, LLC, Aisin Light Metals, LLC, Aisin Drivetrain, Inc., Aisin Automotive Casting, Inc., Aisin Electronics Inc., Aisin Brake and Chassis, Inc., Aisin World Corporation of America, Aisin Mexicana, Liberty Mexicana, Aisin Canada, Inc., Aisin U.S.A. Mfg. Inc., and its subsidiary Aisin Mfg. Illinois, LLC, and others.

    The Aisin name first became familiar to our area with the groundbreaking ceremony at Aisin Mfg. Illinois, which took place in October 2001. This was the first Aisin plant in Illinois, which focuses on the assembly of sunroofs, power slide door modules, and door locks.

    Aisin then continued their expansion when they broke ground on their second plant, Aisin Light Metals (LLC), in October 2003. Aisin Light Metals’ products include bumper reinforcements and ABS bodies.

    With the groundbreaking of Aisin Electronics Illinois, LLC in July 2004, Aisin Electronics Illinois, LLC became the third Aisin plant located in our community. Below is a brief history from the beginning of Aisin Electronics Illinois, LLC:

    • Company officially established 4/2004
    • Official press release 6/2004
    • Grand braking ceremony 7/2004
    • AEIL facility completed 1/2005
    • Mounting lines #1 and #2 installed 1/2005
    • Assembly line #1 installed 1/2005
    • Assembly line #2 installed 7/2005
    • First customer shipment to TMMI 9/2005
    • Grand opening ceremony 9/2005
    • Mounting line #3 installed 1/2006
    • Assembly line #3 installed 3/2006
    • Mounting line #4 installed 2/2007
    • TS16949/ISO14001 Certification 2/2007
    • Assembly line #4 installed 4/2007
    • Lead solder changed to lead free solder 7/2007
    • First attendance to QC circle convention in Japan 10/2007
    • 3 Millionth parts shipment 2/2008
    • Toyota Quality Certificate 2007 6/2008

    These great accomplishments made by Aisin Electronics Illinois, LLC would not have been possible without the outstanding efforts of all the Aisin Electronics Illinois, LLC members.